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Note: These sketches are based off of the official designs for the anime series ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magika’. As such, these are not my original designs.

After writing my poem ‘Madoka‘, based upon one of my favourite anime series ever, I thought I might as well do some fan art too 🙂



Kyouko is my fave. Just look at those fabulous locks.

I even have a really cute figurine of her, that I never take out of the box as she’s a pain in the ass to build:


But in contrast, I really don’t care much for Mami. This is especially frustrating, as everyone else seems to simply adore her.


Sorry Mami (I’m not sorry). I just feel like she’s hiding a great deal of satanic evil within her, and is therefore liable to go entirely ape-shit crazy at any given time.


Just wait for it. It’ll happen.

Maybe its already happened in one of the hundreds of spin-off mangas, but I just haven’t read the right one yet…