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‘Make a contract with me

And become a magical girl!’

Would I then be set free?

A swirling, twirling showgirl?


Dreams of love, strength and hope

Destroy the demons, keep afloat.

Watch me through a kaleidoscope

It can only end on a pretty note.


But wait, a witch. So near, so far

Those pretty plaits, entangled in awe.

Your head: clean off, the end of a star

Girl number one, fell to Grimm’s law.


But wait, oh no. The next girl has arrived

Cobalt, azure, a dark glare in her eyes.

It didn’t take long: the darkness deprived

The grief seed took over; revealed its lies.


But who will stop the witches reign?

A scarlet imperial, ever so grand.

A bloodthirsty battle, twas all in vain

Both destroyed in this grotesque dreamland.


Now just one remains, my very best friend

Draped in platinum, silver and charcoal

For magical girls, there is only one end

Devoured and relished, her heart and soul.


No one shall stop Walpurgisnacht’s rule

The magical girls lie dead on the floor.

‘Watch as this earth forms a rotting cesspool!’

A place of horror; of blood, guts and gore.


‘Make a contract with me’ he coos

‘And become a magical girl’ he woos

Pray, be careful. That creature lies

All he wants is your soul as his prize.


So this poem is based off the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, one of my favourite series ever.

I  will probably do more anime poetry later on too, I recently watched Kiznaiver, which was amazing, so I’d like to write something related to that too!

Copyright © 2016 Rebecca Sherratt, (adapted from Puella Magi Madoka Magika’; copyright © 2012 Magica Quartet).