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Laura Marie Clark was kind enough to share one of my short stories, Perfectly Closeted Away, on her blog.

In this short tale, a  introverted young grump meets a rather bewitching young woman at a dinner party. They share a rather intimate moment among the whispers of the closeted library…

Laura Clark very kindly shares many peoples creative writing on her blog, so her website is always full of variation and experiments!

Why not send her a submission and see if she will feature your work? 🙂

Copyright © 2016 Rebecca Sherratt

Let it come from the heart

Parties did not particularly interest me, and this one was of no exception.

The Johnson’s were one particularly well-to-do family. They had holidays to Istanbul, went skating in the Netherlands and had even climbed Mt Fuji. All of this I could gather from one simple stroll away from the casual frivolities, and instead partaking in a few choice examinations of their prized photo albums and cupboards, in their quieter and decidedly more pleasant rooms.

One of them, I will assume Mrs Johnson, was a connoisseur of fine novella’s. Modernism, in particular, intrigued her. Along the crusty columns of weathered hardbacks I saw Pound, Woolf, the odd tale by Mansfield. I had touched upon such writers in my university days, but they held little relish for me.

I continued to poke around with all the grace and stealth of a panther, before growing remarkably tired of seeing their exploits on their…

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