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SCENE: Outside the door, Yari is stood talking to a young maid, who is pushing a trolley of fine china. His home is exquisite and beautiful, with a baroque interior, adorned with expensive chandeliers and fine gothic paintings.


SCENE: A close-up of the maid, who has a worried expression on her face.

MAID: ‘’Sir, is Mrs Raiyu still unfit to leave her room?’’


SCENE: A body-shot of Yari. He has a barely convincing concerned expression on his face and a hand on his heart.

YARI: ‘’Yes. My wife still needs much more bedrest before she is able to have human contact again… I fear in the depths of my heart that she will never be in a fit state again. We can only pray…’’


SCENE: Sona’s body hanging limp in her chair from behind. The room is covered in cobwebs and dirt. Static from her virtual reality headset can be heard. Her body slumps forwards as if she were asleep.

SOUND FX: Crackle.

YARI: [His voice overhead.] ‘’…Pray that she can find her way back to us.’’


SCENE: Sona’s perspective inside the virtual reality game can now be seen. She again has her back to us, but is standing up straight and conscious, no longer shackled. She is wearing a futuristic samurai outfit, with a smeared, crimson blade over her back. In front of her is a digital screen, full of ticked boxes, each of which represent game levels she has passed.

GAME NARRATOR: ‘’Congratulations. You have passed Level 99.’’

Ooh. Level 99 of what? All shall be revealed soon…

I will be posting character sketches for Game Over, but I think I’ll wait until the entire tale has been posted to avoid spoilers. Look out for that!

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