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Lily-white skin

Paler yet slip

Spilt from within

By rogue fingertip


Concrete grip

Porcelain throat

Continues to nip

Whilst he thrusts and he gloats


And yet from afar

A fair maiden we call

XXXX, so bizarre

And so built to enthral


The hour is late

She hums with disdain

You’ve devoured the bait

With that he is slain.


Crumpled to floor

Stammers with dread

Soaked in her gore

Wish herself dead


A kiss on her lips

Not gentle, not sweet

Bane to eclipse

Her role as his meat


There is no mistrust

As life does she cheat

For XXXX fate is thus

Save each maiden she meets.

I’ve also created some character sketches for Liberator: you can view them here!

Copyright © 2016 Rebecca Sherratt