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‘Welcome aboard zis Air France flight to Istanbul. My name eez Edith, from Paris and I will be assisted today by Rhian who has just joined us from Cardiff. It is her first flight with us so please make allowances for any little mistake she make. I will now take you through the safety briefing while Rhian will point out the emergency exits and how to put on a life jacket…’
Edith droned on through the briefing in English, French and Turkish. A few of the passengers pretended to be interested while the rest read the airline’s in flight magazine or fiddled with the seat belt. Rhian carried out all the demonstrating actions with a flourish before removing the demo life jacket and stowing it in the overhead locker. She wondered how many times she would have to do that in her new role and hoped that they would never have to ‘land on water’ as a crash at sea was known.
Rhian had been allocated to this flight because she had asked Edith if she would mind if she swapped her duty roster place with Françoise. Her cousin lived in Instanbul so she would go and stay with her during the stopover. Edith had agreed and just hoped she wouldn’t regret it as she had experienced problems with newbies before.
The takeoff went smoothly and as they settled into the cruise, Edith and Rhian started the in-flight service. Rhian only spilt two drinks and the passengers concerned were not too worried as it was only water so no real harm was done.
The rest of the flight was uneventful but Edith was still glad to have got through it safely with no newbie problems from Rhian. They landed at Atatürk airport, taxied to their allocated stand and disembarked the passengers with a collective sigh of relief.
As they boarded the crew bus, Captain Müller turned to Edith and said,’Are you happy now that you allowed Rhian to come with you on her first flight, Madame Piaf?’
‘Oui, je ne regrette Rhian.’ replied Edith.


This story was written by Richard Kefford, and he’s written dozens more! His blog is definitely worth a look at: So click here and take a look!


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