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Here is one of my flash fiction pieces: Foremost Considerations!

My friends at The Moving Dragon Writes were kind enough to share it on their blog for me.

Make sure to check them out! They are a community of writers who share their stories, as well as other peoples. So if you feel like asking them to share your story, why not contact them?

Also make sure to check out their own individual blogs too:

Richard’s Blog

Lois’ Blog

The moving dragon writes

It was stupid.

‘The thing’s years old’, he whined, ‘why do you still even have it?’

She fondled the chestnut sleeve, gingerly staring down at the ground. Her toes twitched agitatedly.

‘I-‘ she stammered, faltering, ‘I just really like this jacket, alright? I really, really want to keep it. It’s no big deal.’

He lowered his gaze, inspecting the rips down the jackets beige front. The leather had worn off, flaking onto the emerald carpet. He’d been with her when she’d bought it all those years ago.

A joyfully average argument followed. Words were said, blows exchanged. She returned to her room.

That night she dreamt of it. So many evenings ago, so far away, over an endless expanse of time.

She was at peace, in utter calm, in a bed not unlike her current one. Her phone hummed.

‘You’ve left your jacket.’

And he was right. She had.


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