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My third ‘Barmy Adventures of Brannigan Bimblespottin’ is up!
This one involves melons, letter stamps, and a very standoffish lady named Donna Draggidoodle…
My friends at ‘The Moving Dragon Writes’ have kindly shared it with their community, so go have a look at their blog. Its full of some brilliant writing!

The moving dragon writes

I had just come from emptying the late Mr Watersby’s room, when I heard my name being called by a familiar, authoritative voice.

‘Merribannnnnks! Come to the main hall immediately!’

I sighed, straightened my coat, and proceeded down the stairwell. My lord, Brannigan Bimblespottin, was perched at the door in a remarkably flamboyant lounge coat, with a silk hat to match.

‘You’re dressed particularly delightfully today, my lord.’

Bimblespottin chuckled. ‘That I am, my boy. And that is because Miss Draggidoodle is dining with me this evening.’

‘Miss Draggidoodle?’ I enquired, ‘I recognise that name.’

Bimblespottin bounced around the hall, ‘I’m sure you do, Merribanks. The Draggidoodle family are the most influential name in the canned eel business. I plan on giving her my eel, if you understand my meaning.’

My face turned green. I had heard my lord engage in private relations with several women, and I did not…

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