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Cherry blossom

once renewed.

The hum of cicadas,

silent; subdued.


Monsters afoot, I

button my coat.

Hushed sobs caught;

in her blood-lily throat.


Wolf howls whistle;

Through the breeze,

a skirt, unruffled

torn off with ease.


And there she lies,

dumbstruck; alone.

The virgin gates

no longer her home.

Among the Bracken was a portfolio piece written for my creative writing degree, influenced heavily by Gothic writers such as Ann Radcliffe and Angela Carter, who expertly deal with concepts such as loss of innocence, as well as gender and sexuality.

The natural imagery of the cherry blossoms and haunting sound of the cicadas were really very vivid to me, so I’ll also be posting character sketches and designs for this poem up soon! 🙂

Copyright © 2016 Rebecca Sherratt