Voting this Week – October 8, 2021

Although shareholder proposals concerning plastic pollution are few and far between, support for these resolutions is rapidly growing. In response, the retail and food & drink industries are promptly making commitments to reduce their plastic use, to dissuade investors from taking further action.

Board Diversity Deliberations

Director support among U.S.-listed companies is dropping this year as investors expect boards to accelerate their diversity commitments for not only gender, but also racial and ethnic diversity. Average support for director elections at S&P 500 companies dropped to 96.1% in the first half of 2021, and a similar decline has also been exhibited in the U.K.

Voting this Week – July 30, ’21

Taken from Insightia’s ‘Activism and Voting this Week’ newsletter. Despite being few in number, environmental-focused shareholder proposals at carbon-intensive Australian companies have proved especially successful this year, suggesting a broader array of ASX-listed companies will be under pressure to disclose steps taken to mitigate climate risk when proxy season kicks off later this year.  Average support for the four environmental shareholder proposals subject to a vote this year more than doubled to 73.2%, compared with 15 proposals winning… Continue reading Voting this Week – July 30, ’21

Embracing Diversity

Taken from Activist Insight Online's half-year review 2021. With global warming blamed for floods in Europe and heatwaves in America, shareholder support for environmental proposals at annual meetings is soaring. As seen with Engine No. 1’s recent win at Exxon Mobil, investor engagements with oil and gas companies this year have been especially successful. Average… Continue reading Embracing Diversity